More than just a packaging company.


5280PKG is more than just a packaging company – it's a source for the best and most innovative packaging components available today.  We provide products from the leading packaging manufacturers in the industry, solidifying your brand in the marketplace.




Boxes, boxes and more boxes

The box is more than just a shipping container.  It evokes an image of quality, consistency and style while protecting your product during the distribution cycle.  We understand the nuances of the box like no other packaging company.


Six packs, four packs and more

Getting bottles home from the store is the primary purpose of the beverage carrier, but why not do it with style.  We can help you develop the perfect carrier for your product, be it beer, soda, tea or kombucha.  Unique designs, specialty die cuts - no problem.



12 packs, retail & display

Packaging that makes your product jump off the shelves is a staple of our offerings.  Whether your favorite is 12 packs for bottles or cans, 15 packs or 4 packs for your favorite BIG beer, we have the product to protect and deliver to your customer.


12 oz, Belgian, Bombers & Large Format

It is what it is - the vessel containing your prized liquid product.  We provide 12 oz longneck, heritage and stubby, 375 ml and 500 ml, 22 oz bombers (the first package of the craft market), 750 ml, growlers and more.  Throw in crowns, corks & cages, foil wrap and you have a complete glass package.